I’m a wedding photographer originally from a wee village in the West of Scotland called Garelochhead, but I’ve lived in Glasgow almost long enough to call myself a ‘Weegie’!

In a previous life I was pursuing a career in PE teaching after various stints as a lifeguard, fitness instructor and personal trainer. I discovered photography during my time at university and it quickly became a passion. I remember being taken to my first wedding as a second shooter back in 2014 and instantly realised that this was a path I wanted to follow.

I love everything to do with Scotland and feel incredibly fortunate that I’m able to travel the country doing something that I thoroughly enjoy. I’m a big fan of Scottish traditional music (though not exclusively), a keen whisky drinker, a lover of Scottish cuisine, and one of my favourite things to do is to explore the beautiful landscape we have on our doorstep either on foot or by paddleboard. I try to draw inspiration from all these elements in my photography which is why I chose the name 'Rannoch' for my photography business; Rannoch is synonymous with some of the most beautiful parts of the country and it’s my goal to emulate this within my photography.

I’m told I’m easy to get along with, chilled out and down to earth, and I try to be all these things during a wedding. I find that one of my biggest selling points is my personality - difficult to convey on a website, but if you’re interested in booking me for your wedding then I’d love to go for a coffee and hear more about your day in person.