Photos are great! They fill in the gaps that our memories leave and can bring joy, laughter and that warm fuzzy feeling you get sometimes when reminded of a particular person, time or place.  Being able to take photos on our phone is brilliant.  It's super easy, very accessible and takes just seconds to share to anyone, anywhere in the world. But despite the advancements in technology and development in cameraphone quality, somehow it's not quite enough.  The sky's a bright shade of white, the 'selfie-taker' is missing their bottom lip and everything seems a little bit fuzzy - nothing to do with the long-suffering and 'porcelain-fragile' camera lens that's now in three pieces after falling victim to butter-fingers  one time too many!  Life's all a bit funny just now and many of us haven't seen family or loved ones for a long time, probably longer than most of us can remember.  And yet somehow it's all become a little unfairly hectic again.  It certainly seems like there's very little time and indeed money to be organising luxuries like photoshoots! I recently put together a 'mini-session' package, designed to be easy, quick, affordable and provide a selection of high quality photographs that are easily downloadable, printable and shareable with a few clicks of a button.  So what's the package?  Well I travel to your doorstep, garden, or a location within 5 miles (give or take) of where you live, and spend just 30 minutes with you, your partner, children, parents, grandparents, pet chinchilla - whoever you wish, so long as current government restrictions on social distancing are observed, and take as many photos as can be taken in half an hour.  And that's it!  I'll then upload the photos to my online proofing gallery, and you select five of your favourites that you're then able to download directly from the gallery.  All photos will be put through a round of professional re-touching and are supplied as high resolution jpegs for you to do with whatever you wish.  Of course, there's always the option to purchase additional images and also prints directly from the gallery but there's absolutely zero pressure to do so.  Sound good?  Purchase your mini-session for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member using the button below.

Mini-Sessions just £45


30 minutes photography coverage Doorstep, garden or suitable space within 5 miles of your home Five high resolution digital images Option to purchase prints and additional digital images




Where are my photos stored When your photos are ready, I will send you an email inviting you to view your photos on an online gallery.  The gallery will only be accessible by you and your spouse, and indeed anyone you share the gallery link with.  Each gallery viewer must create a password to use with their email address ensuring that your photos remain private and protected. How long will it take to get my photos? It normally takes 1-2 weeks to process and then return your photos. Are you insured? Yes! I’m covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance just incase there’s any hiccups. How long do you store our images? At present I store all images on the online galleries indefinitely, however this will most likely not always be the case.  At some point in the future I may get in touch to give you notice that your gallery will be taken down.  If this happens, I’ll give you plenty of notice and ensure you have all of your images downloaded and backed up. What days do you tend to do mini shoots? I’m pretty flexible and am quite happy to work with you to find a date that suits both of us, whether this be during the week or over a weekend. What do we wear to our family shoot? The short answer is, whatever you want, or indeed feel most comfortable in.  I do advise to avoid too many strong warm tones such as bold reds or oranges as these can sometimes clash with skin tones.  If you’re looking for a more comprehensive answer, then get in touch and we can discuss this based on your location. Can I share the online gallery with my family members? Of course! Once you receive the initial email to let you know your gallery is ready, you’re welcome to share it with whoever you like! Back To Top Wedding Family Couple Mini-Session Facebook Instagram